Recycled Wood

We make diverse use of recycled Teak wood, where until not long ago the purpose of this wood was primarily for fishing boats, trucks, or home constructions, while the lack of use has led to this wood being sold into the furniture industry as part of a green movement where no tree-cutting is required, leaving this new movement money in the country – we conduct our business with Indonesian Family-Style Factories only.
The recycled wood is unique in its character, there is nothing alike, where the final result received from the handwork finishing by the carpenter is extremely unique in its roughness, layer coarseness, and non-uniformity of the wood in the furniture.

Teak wood is tropical strong and used for building hard-firmed boats and decks, where they continue being affected from different weather conditions, inclined to move, expand, and shrink, when sometimes cracks are created. This cracks can be filled with filling wood material that is mixed with the appropriate colour, and afterwards use shellac mixed with water to smoothen the layer. It is recommended to polish the furniture before this process with polish paper in the texture direction in order to remove any colour stains, dust, or dirt.
We recommend to oil outdoor furniture once a year using Vernit Oil, Bees Wax, or Teak Oil after polishing.

We follow the Australia Standard and use Gas evaporation to take care of any parasites that may damage the wood or infect other furniture as well.

רהיטים מעץ ממוחזר
רהיטים מעץ ממוחזר
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